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Fence Repair Plano is a premier fencing company with many years of experience in the fencing industry. We provide a high-quality wood fencing service to our commercial and residential customers.

We also offer wood fence repairs at affordable rates. We've got a robust team with the experience and tactics of offering an excellent wood fencing service.

Our team is conscious of the need for security and beauty when installing a wood fencing solution. We apply various technologies to ensure that we provide a robust solution that lasts for many years. We use multiple styles to offer a service that meets a client's aesthetic needs. Our wood fence installers have the knowledge and skills to deliver a satisfactory solution. We keep equipping our installers with new tactics and experience of providing an excellent service.

The materials used when creating a wood fencing solution have an impact on strength and beauty. We use different wood materials, including:

  • Western Red cedar: red cedar is naturally beautiful and may last for a long time. It has a natural oil that repels insects and strengthens the material to stay for long. You have a choice of either leaving the cedar unfinished or staining it to add beauty.
  • White wood fences: this option suits individuals with constrained budgets. You can stain or paint it to prolong its life.

Multiple styles and fence staining
Fence Company Plano applies multiple techniques to offer an outstanding fencing solution that meets our client's preferences. Our styles include:

  • Dog Ear: This style entails cutting the picket apex at a specific angle. The result is the creation of an appealing solution.
  • Capped design: Adding a cap to the pickets make them look finished and attractive.
  • Post and rail: They're suitable for large properties. Instead of applying pickets, you use posts and rails.
  • Shadowbox styles: The style appears similar on either side. The type is suitable when you require a partial privacy fence for your property.
  • Board on board style: For those who need total privacy, the style is suitable for you.
  • Horizontal fencing: This style is elegant and modern. It's popular with many clients seeking fencing services.
  • Custom style: At our Plano Fence Company, we offer a customized style that suits clients' unique needs.

Whatever wood fencing style you require, we can offer you a great solution. We can assist you in identifying the right fencing solution for your project. You don't need to worry about the price because our services are affordable.

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